The Author

Fred Lipsius was the original saxophonist, arranger, and conductor with the popular jazz/rock group “Blood, Sweat & Tears” (1967-71). He won nine Gold Records with the band plus two Grammy Awards: one for ‘Best Album of the Year’ and another for his arrangement of the hit song “Spinning Wheel.”
Fred produced, composed/arranged music, and performed on over 30 CDs, authored seven books/CDs on jazz improvisation (published worldwide), toured with Simon and Garfunkle in Japan and Europe (1982), wrote music for TV and radio, and gave over 100 performances playing saxophone and piano at nursing homes, hospitals, and senior citizens homes around Boston.
Fred was born in the Bronx, New York City in 1943. He attended Music and Art High School in Manhattan, and then Berklee School of Music for a short time before going on the road, playing with different musical groups.
He’s been creating digital art since 2004 and has had several showings of his work around Boston.
In January 2020, Fred retired from “Berklee College of Music” in Boston, after teaching for 35 years.
Fred has two additional websites:
He has numerous YouTube videos of his music, art, and interviews.