The Tree With Many Colors

Fred Lipsius

As the original saxophonist and arranger in “Blood, Sweat and Tears”
I won 9 Gold Records plus a Grammy Award for arranging the hit song “Spinning Wheel”.

One summer morning, a nine-year-old boy named Hugh woke up from sleep, very excited. He had the feeling that he was going to have a big adventure. The day before, he had heard some people talking about a special tree in the park near his house. Hugh had been to this park many times with his family but had never seen this special tree. All morning, he kept thinking about the tree and wanted to see it. So he asked his parents if he could go to the park all by himself to look for the tree. They said yes. So he left his house, waved to his mom and dad, and very happily walked to the park.
When he got there, he looked around to find the tree. There were lots of trees but no unusual one, so he kept looking. After a while, Hugh started to get tired and very thirsty. Nearby, he found a water fountain. As he raised his head from the fountain after drinking, he noticed something on a small hill not far away. The sun was shining brightly over something very large. Hugh couldn’t see what it was because of the very strong sunlight, so he went over to get a closer look. When he got there, he suddenly stopped with an amazed look on his face. And for a moment, he felt like he was in another world.